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beehosting property management



At beehosting we believe in thinking differently. Our aim is to challenge the status quo in an inefficient and poor value-for-money property management sector. We believe our clients should get great value for money services, with quick response times and honest, detailed communication. Clients and guests, our valued customers should never be left in the dark. Transparency is our key goal.


How we achieve our purpose

We provide clear, open and honest communication with our clients and guests who stay in our properties. We are not like other property management companies who will gloss over the truth and guarantee fixes ‘tomorrow’, which never happen. We will be up front and explain problems and technicalities and provide clean and open timelines for when work will be completed. 

More than that: we will provide an efficient service, gaining great guest 5* reviews for a value-for-money price. We believe in quality above all else. 



What do we do at beehosting?

At beehosting we offer a range of services:


Airbnb Management Services

We will manage your Airbnb listing for you, optimising prices, ensuring maximum yields and making sure guests who stay are sensible and will not mistreat your property or cause conflicts with neighbours.


We screen each guest rigorously so that you, our clients, have complete peace of mind when it comes to who is staying in your apartment or home.

Airbnb Guest


For guests who stay in Airbnb properties, we ensure a highly cleaned apartment, with properly laundered sheets.


We will go the extra mile to ensure your stay is as comfortable and welcoming as possible and whenever possible, provide a human face to help you when you first arrive at your apartment.

Long Term


We provide long term lets for tenants or landlords looking for tenants.


We will ensure that paperwork is all efficiently completed and that both tenant and landlord are completely clear with the arrangement agreed.

Apartment Block Management

Fed up with the poor quality of apartment block managing agents in Manchester?


Our driving goal is to make sure future landlords have a high quality, transparent and value-for-money service provided for them by beehosting.


We are different to other management companies: we will work tirelessly for our customers, without hiding truths from them or fabricating stories of when work will be done.


Contact us if you are interested in full apartment block management. Our team all live in Manchester city centre and have high levels of experience with apartment block management companies there.



BeeHosting Services

Where it all began

Conceived in 2018 beehosting’s starting point was the sheer frustration its founder and his friends felt with how property was managed in Manchester. Whether this was block management, or Airbnb hosting companies, the stories were all the same:

  • Lack of transparency about what is going on

  • Spiralling costs from mismanagement and treating customers' money as a given

  • Lack of proper competition

From this list of frustrations, beehosting’s founder Adam Pogonowski decided to do something about it. In 2019 beehosting started managing a number of Airbnb apartments where large established companies had caused their clients to gain 1* ratings off guests because of poor management malpractice.

Adam was determined to change this and since 2019, beehosting has been successfully gaining hundreds of 5* reviews for clients, at an affordable, high value for money price, ensuring efficient management and highly transparent communication.

About our founder, Adam Pogonowski

Having graduated from the University of Cambridge (2009) with a BA (Hons) in Law and an MPhil in Criminological Research, Adam was elected in 2010 to Cambridge City Council, and started teaching Economics. 10 years later, Adam decided to move into property management, having seen the need for serious competition and high quality service provision in the sector. 

Adam’s core beliefs are to deliver value for money for clients, provide high quality accommodation for Airbnb guests and to provide highly transparent information and communication to clients and guests. 

Outside of work, Adam likes to play the piano, is a big Star Trek and Manchester City fan, and enjoys socialising with his friends.

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